Non-Diet Registered Dietitian Nutritionist and Registered Yoga Teacher

Moxie: the ability to face challenge or difficulty with courage

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Intuitive Eating

Ditch the dieting cycle, reclaim your body confidence, stop struggling with restrictive diets, and rediscover the joy of eating!

Yoga & Meditation

Explore body positive yoga poses and meditation for stress management as you build strength, resiliency, and playfulness!

Fitness & Athletic Nutrition

Maximize performance and recovery nutrition to prevent injury, build strength and endurance, and fuel your next win!


What Clients Are Saying

"Moxie Mind owner Karlee is a true visionary with a gift for making people feel at ease. She understands the healing gifts that can be found through nutrition and yoga and has a deep passion for sharing those gifts with you!" Valerie

"Karlee is exceptionally kind and encouraging. Her multidisciplinary approach to health and nourishment is a great resource. I felt comfortable being vulnerable about my needs." Meg

"Thank you for the things you share in regards to wellness. I'm working on how I view myself and how I nourish myself. What you do and how you do it has been incredibly helpful. Thank you for being a strong, supportive voice in the community." Andrea

"Karlee's empathy, patience, and focus on the big picture really helped me stay positive and regroup even when I experienced set-backs, so my long-term results were fantastic. I also really appreciate her high ethical standards and dietary expertise. She is a compassionate professional."


"Karlee held every thought I had about food, movement, and my body up to honest light and encouraged me to evaluate each one of them. Not reevaluate, because I hadn't scrutinized them in the first place before letting them sink into my mind. As a person who tends to second guess everything, the fact that I had internalized so much baseless garbage and then built a self image upon it was dismaying. But Karlee's office was a safe place to begin the process of recovery. I catch myself starting to fall back into old ways, and I owe the fact that I am can catch myself to the time spent with Karlee and her positive, encouraging demeanor."


"Karlee is never intimidating and always positive. She makes me feel good emotionally and builds confidence in my yoga practice." Robert

"Karlee is a one-of-a-kind human being with an inspiring passion for what she does. Her teaching style encourages progress while at the same time demanding the best that you are able to give." Sean

"Karlee always has positive intentions for her yoga class that I can relate to and I'm always walking out feeling refreshed, positive and energetic." Blair

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Meet Karlee

Karlee Golightly RD, RYT

Karlee Golightly RD, RYT

Non-Diet Dietitian + Yoga Teacher

Welcome! I’m so glad to join you in this space of positivity, authenticity, and intuition. As a nutrition and self-care coach, my #1 goal is to help you feel comfortable and confident in your body as you rediscover a nourishing, power·full relationship with food and movement. I am professionally trained as a Registered Dietitian and Registered Yoga Teacher, and I take a non-diet, mind-body approach to wellness. I’m committed to your journey back to your moxie. Are you ready to get started?

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