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Competing isn’t just about your physical training… how you fuel matters! Proper nutrition can be the difference between a ho-hum finish and your best event, and it can drastically improve recovery time to prevent injury before your big day. Together, we’ll find nutrition strategies to elevate your performance.

Services available for:

  • Endurance Athletes
  • Power Athletes
  • Active Professions, such as Police Officers and Firefighters
  • Team Sports, on an Individual or Team Basis
  • Coaches, Trainers, and Parents

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The Mindful Athlete

Mindfulness has been proven to help both individuals and teams enhance performance and teamwork by harnessing their goal-directed energy, decreasing stress, and creating a sense of peace. By combining mindful courses with yoga, athletes can excel during intense physical and mental activity, along with other high-stress situations.

Mindful athletes can expect to:

  • Learn how to accept negative internal emotions and experiences, such as fear, anxiety, or anger
  • Redirect attention to maintain focus
  • Better understand a range of emotions and how to manage them
  • Distinguish between having a thought and being a thought (e.g. “I have failed” vs “I am a failure”)
  • Build a yoga practice that enhances flexibility, relaxation, and rejuvenation
  • Reduce stress and risk of injury

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What Clients Are Saying

“Moxie Mind owner Karlee is a true visionary with a gift for making people feel at ease. She understands the healing gifts that can be found through nutrition and yoga and has a deep passion for sharing those gifts with you!” Valerie

“Karlee is exceptionally kind and encouraging. Her multidisciplinary approach to health and nourishment is a great resource. I felt comfortable being vulnerable about my needs.” Meg

“Thank you for the things you share in regards to wellness. I’m working on how I view myself and how I nourish myself. What you do and how you do it has been incredibly helpful. Thank you for being a strong, supportive voice in the community.” Andrea

“Karlee is never intimidating and always positive. She makes me feel good emotionally and builds confidence in my yoga practice.” Robert

“Karlee is a one-of-a-kind human being with an inspiring passion for what she does. Her teaching style encourages progress while at the same time demanding the best that you are able to give.” Sean

“Karlee always has positive intentions for her yoga class that I can relate to and I’m always walking out feeling refreshed, positive and energetic.” Blair

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