Think back on a time in your life when you wanted something – really wanted something. What did you do to get it? Did you do just one thing or try just one time? NO! You worked your hiney off and you tried and tried and tried.


We all know the excitement of something new. And we also in turn all understand the downhill roll as the honeymoon phase wears off. It can be easy to lose sight of the original sunrise when we drop below the horizon line. This is where consistency steps in. Consistency, like a cookie, is magical and useful in almost all life applications.

Feel like giving up? Consistently commit to doing the best you can and give a cookie instead.
Not great at a certain skill yet? Practice consistently and eat a cookie, and you will not only be very good at whatever skill you are seeking, but you will also be very good at eating cookies. DOUBLE WIN
Not reaching your greatest potential? Consistently strive towards your passion… and strive to love something as much as you love cookies.

Are you getting it yet? Because I’m running out of cookie metaphors.

Just keep on truckin, friend. Do your work, dot your i’s, cross your t’s, write your weekly blog, eat your vegetables. Even when you have crappy weeks that you really shouldn’t even be complaining about, keep on truckin. The sun will be coming up again tomorrow, and you’re that much closer to seeing the sunrise.

To be well is to consistently choose well.



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